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Johannes Paul Raether on “WorldHealingForest”

Sisters, psycho realists, dear city particles, and holders to that witch gazes.

I am Protektorama and I have many names. I appear as a world-healing  witch. I travel by the name of Smartphone Sangoma and I am the first embodiment of a coming community of WorldWideWitches. Welcome in the techno-magical forest of psycho-realist research. In this forest a thick for the potential of an irrational and sensual commandeering. Accordingly I would like to guide you through my techno-magical realm.  As a spiritual materialist agent I am a paradox at first but the assemblage of the material and the spiritual is the kinetic energy that propels my lectures when I hold that Neo-Akhara of Materialist Spiritology all around the planet.  The Neo-Akhara takes form as hiking and preaching on a mountaintop, melting the Communisate in the ice of Allgäu. Allegorical writing and secretive ritualistic communion in a new development in Teheran,  multi-healing in Soweto, a ritual dance on a recycling compound in Maboneng, Johannesburg and an organic Light emmiting Processiorama on Time Square in New York City. The basic theoretical assumption of the Neo-Akhara is the possibility of world-healing and so I planted a world-healing forest, for my disprosthetic ritual, for your smartphonecandyfetishes and you are suspended in my steely engineered community machine. Protektorama the witch asks why we, the fighters, the healers be antagonisers and erratics, why we have set aside what connected us through our times across nations, continentsand cultures. Why we have set aside spirituality as a kinetic energy to attack the maelstromes of endo-capitalogenic objects of things and beeings. I ask you capitalotrophic beeings, you fleshy prostheses of that witch gazes. Why do you dwell in battery farmed normalities? You are possessed by petrified abstractions, you’re possessed by dematerialised principles you call money, by ghostly perpetrators you invoke as markets, and by mobilisers you call value and growth. Your existence is prosthetic.  Accessories you are. But not of another being you are an appendix of an entirely refired circulation. Your Smartphone is not your prosthesis you have become the prosthesis of your phone you are the holder to that witch gazes. You ask me, what are the consequences of your preachings and I declare because you became objects among objects. You became ridden by the horseman of capital just like the loa, the lords of death, love and desire ride the believer in voodoun. Capital, the self-propelling ghost rider displaces the individual spirit of the human in Capitalogenic Possession, and against this I conjure up the engine technics of ritualistic dispossession. 

Come, come into the prosthetic WorldHealingForest, fasten your knee and your elbow to the protectors. Devote this what makes you a prosthesis to the world healing witch. Here, in the spiritual materialist ritual, the collective behaviour is containing the possession, limiting it, temporarily and spatially.  Like a serum, or a pre-emptive war. A pre-emptive war against the assault, against the takeover of abstracted capitalogenic petrification.  And even if my ritual should flamboyantly fail to heal the world, dissecting you from your prosthetic devices and your prosthetic existence by commoneering irrationality, a counterspell is cast. A counterspell that annihilates the eternity of capitalogenic possession. In Capitalocene we do not run things, things run us.  In the witch`s psychorealist and techno-magical WorldHealingForest we really embody our gaze and we transform our endo-capitological existence into a sensual body.