Topic 2018

"Report - Notes from Reality"

Once again, this year’s EMAF features five international sections: a film and video programme, an exhibition, a conference, the Media Campus INIT and a performance section. Over 2,000 artists have submitted their work to the various EMAF sections. The selection committees are currently discussing which films, installations and expanded media works are to be showcased at the 31st European Media Art Festival. Once again this year, the festival explores a contemporary theme that runs through all sections and is also reflected in cross-sectional projects: “Report - notes from reality”. Behind this theme is the growing interest among artists to adopt documentary and journalistic working styles. What further avenues may be explored when yesterday’s news is reconsidered from an artistic perspective? How can we tell of reality when the corresponding images are missing? And how can media art actively intervene or even establish a new balance of power in the event of political crisis? To this end, artists explore complex contemporary or historic events and develop their own independent picture of (hi)stories. In the process, they expose reports or recorded history as being incomplete, construed or even incorrect, putting into perspective politically, socially and journalistically predetermined point of views. Two phenomena appear to underlie this development in artistic work: first, the social and political status quo that is considered to be in a state of crisis and confusing, and second, the precarious status of journalist images. EMAF asks, then, how artistic reports and images open up new points of access to reality and the extent to which they are able to adopt, transcend or challenge forms of journalism in the process. To achieve this, the current projects showcased in the exhibition will be expanded across disciplines and linked to thematically related installations, curated short film programmes and lectures.