News 24 January 2019

Accredit now!
The 32nd European Media Art Festival begins on April 24, 2019 at 7.30 p.m. in the Kunsthalle Osnabrück - from now on you can accredit for the festival! The accreditation, i.e. the timely registration of trade visitors and, in our case, early bookers, entitles you to free admission to the film programmes, the exhibition and the congress. Read more

News 16 Dezember 2018

Golden Shorts: Short Film Highlights 2018
Winter's here! The days are shorter than they have been for a long time. The nights are all the longer. We therefore want to use the shortest day of the year next Friday again to present you the most beautiful short films of the year. The Short Film Day on 21 December is now celebrated in a hundred cities throughout Germany. Read more


News 28 November 2018

The Call for Entries is closed
We would like to thank all artists who submitted their works to the festival! On Friday LICHTE MOMENTE starts in Osnabrück. Read more

Copyright: Lisa Schittulli

News 19 November 2018

EMAF Video Documentary
Think about submitting your work for EMAF 2019? It could become part of #emaf32. Impressions of #emaf31 you can find here:
Watch video at vimeo

EMAF 2018 Doku

News 1 November 2018

EMAF No. 32 has the motto "WILD GRAMMAR"
Next April, Osnabrück will once again be the center of the international media art scene for five days. Films, installations, performances, lectures and expanded media - all these areas will once again be the focus of attention in 2019. This year's theme is WILD GRAMMAR. Read more

News 25 October 2018

Changes in the festival management
Katrin Mundt replaces Ralf Sausmikat as head of the "Film & Video" division
For almost 38 years he helped to shape the festival - now he is leaving the EMAF: Ralf Sausmikat handed over the management of the "Film & Video" division to Katrin Mundt on 1 October.
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Katrin Mundt löst Ralf Sausmikat als Leiterin des Bereiches „Film & Video“ ab

News 15 August 2018

Call for Entries
We invite all media artists and filmmakers to submit their current works for the #emaf32 review
Films, videos, installations and performance projects or expanded media works – we look forward to receiving your entries for the 32nd European Media Art Festival!
At the festival, two juries will select the winners of the "EMAF Media Art Award of the German Filmcritics", the "Newcomer Award", the "Dialog Award" given by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the "EMAF Award" for a trend-setting work in Media Art.
Please use the online forms to submit all your entries by 16 November 2018 at the latest.

News 23 April 2018

EMAF 2018 - the Awards
We are happy, proud and thankful for the great time with you! Yesterday the 31st European Media Art Festival ended. Countless artists, filmmakers and experts have come to Osnabrück to present themselves and their works - in the exhibitions, the film programmes, performances and the conference. On the fourth evening of the festival, three prizes were awarded at the EMAF on Saturday Read more

News 19 April 2018

EMAF 2018 - the opening
More than twenty degrees Celsius, several dozen speakers and over 1,400 visitors - the EMAF started yesterday with a great summer evening. We were very happy about the many people who came from Osnabrück, Germany and the world for the opening of the 31st European Media Art Festival! Until Sunday our visitors can expect countless films, parties, panels, installations and performances. Read more

News 16 April 2018

Media Campus INIT
The European Media Art Festival was founded in the eighties by students. No wonder, then, that the promotion of young talent continues to play an important role at the EMAF to this day. However, the Media Campus INIT has probably never been larger than it is this year: 80 student artists will be showing their works in Osnabrück in the coming days - including more than 40 installations and 30 short and feature films. Read more

News 12 April 2018

Programme EMAF 2018
For several years, there has been a growing interest among artists in pursuing journalistic and scientific working methods, evident in their increased use of forms such as long-term enquiries, interviews, and "forensic" investigations into contemporary and historical documentary images. That is why also the Conference of EMAF at Kunsthalle Osnabrück will deal with the festival subject „Report – Notes from Reality“. Read more

News 10 April 2018

EMAF 2018 - the film programme
Our five-strong film committee, led by Ralf Sausmikat, spent several months viewing, assessing and deliberating on the almost 2,000 films that had been submitted to EMAF. The result is an exciting programme that is well worth watching, ranging from carefully researched documentary films and personal reflection to discourse involving society as a whole.
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News 6 April 2018

EMAF 2018 - the exhibition
It is now less than two weeks until the start of the 31st European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück. Today, we wish to tell you about the media art works that will be presented in the Kunsthalle Osnabrück up until 21 May, curated by Franz Reimer and Hermann Nöring. The EMAF exhibition will also address the festival theme “Report – Notes from Reality”.
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News 29 March 2018

Programme now online!
Over 2,100 artists have submitted their work to the various festival sections. From this wealth of material, we have selected 127 short and feature films, more than 70 installations, live performances, five film programmes curated on the festival theme, and several conference contributions. Works by Candice Breitz, Venice Biennial participant, documenta artists Forensic Architecture, and theatre star Milo Rau are just some of the pieces from the exhibition worth a special mention.

For more information about the exhibitions, film programmes, conference, performances and Media Campus INIT, please refer to our programme booklet online at:

Read more

News 8 February 2018

EMAF at the Landesvertretung Lower Saxony The European Media Art Festival in Berlin, Landesvertretung Niedersachsen, 12.02.2018

You are kindly invited!

Opening of the annual program 2018 "inspektionen // Wahrheit" (inspections // truth) of the Landesvertretung Niedersachsen in Berlin.

Guest artist : Bjørn Melhus

A film program, curated by the European Media Art Festival Osnabrück with films by Paul Heintz (F), Randa Maroufi (F), Dylan McNeil (USA), Bjørn Melhus (D) and Paul Wiersbinski (D)

Click here for more information and registration

Welcome and beginning: 19 h

Location: Landesvertretung Niedersachsen, In den Ministergärten 10, D- 10117 Berlin (near Potsdamer Platz).

Pic. (c) Björn Melhus: Deadly Storms, Video-Still (3 monitors), 2008


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