Every year, we are faced with the challenge of drawing up a programme limited in time and space to a maximum of 150 films from a total of almost two thousand entries. We are assisted in this task by a selection committee. Katrin Mundt from Bochum, who also curated the films for the thematic programme (see below), Stefanie Plappert from Frankfurt and Sebastiaan Schlicher from Amsterdam have served on this committee for several years, and are joined this year by Godart Bakkers from Ghent.

The end result is an interesting, exciting programme encompassing stories, meticulously researched documentary films, personal reflection and social discourse. Rather than being shorts or feature films in the classic sense, these films are works positioned in the conflicting fields of narrative experiment, documentary perspective and visual art.

The Media Campus INIT team has selected four short film programmes and a feature-length film that sound out boundaries and taboos, document alternative lifestyles and broach the issue of the

“colourful visual world” in the digital cosmos. The HBK Braunschweig presents its programme REPORT: Images of Reality, which was produced by students for EMAF as a term project.

The film programme on the topic of “Report – Notes from Reality”, curated by Katrin Mundt, is an experiment in double vision that manoevers along the intersections between journalistic and artistic representations of reality, attempting to detect moments of mutual penetration, attraction and rejection. The focus here is not only directed at the present, but searches for related forms and strategic approaches in a juxtaposition of old and new films, for echoes of past realities in the present.

Once again, many of the creators from all over the world will come to Osnabrück to present and discuss their films. And in the meantime, two juries will decide which artists will receive one of the awards at the Lagerhalle on Saturday evening. As always, entrance to the award ceremony is free of charge.