European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück

Hochschule Osnabrück

Students of "Media & Interaction Design" presented their projects at the Klostergewölbe, the basement of Kunsthalle Osnabrück.


Lennart Bramlage, Dirk Erdmann, Ronda Ringfort, Robert Schnüll, Niklas Thyen, Frederik Ueberschär

Annuli is an interactive installation that attempts to raise awareness of analogous knowledge transfer by visualising book lending.


Celina Placke, Robert Schnüll

It knows you are there. Assimilight notices every step, every word, even the quietest of sounds; and when it gets dark, it processes the experiences of the day as light in its dreams.


Dennis Timmermann, Fabian Schucht, Mathis Krüper

A smart belt that raises wearers’ awareness of their spending behaviour. The belt contracts when the user spends money. After all, they now have to tighten their belt.


Alexander Drews, Celina Placke, Thomas Ebert

Invisible electromagnetic radiation (such as caused by a smartphone) becomes visible and perceptible to the user.


John Moss and Lucas Köhler, Nils Wächter

Technology rarely manages to make people step outside. This innovative telescope was created to change this, and to encourage users to discover new things and explore new places.

Meer Qualm

Carsten Greif, Lea Ahlers, Sven Corbach

Due to a playful modification of commercial e-cigarettes, the user will first start smoking a lot more, only then to reduce consumption following self-reflection, or even give up altogether.

Remember The Warm Times

Heike Gabel, Niklas Thyen, Robert Schnüll

Using modern technology, heat feedback gives the wearer a sense of human contact and security as soon as s/he reaches a place to which s/he has strong emotional ties.


Lennart Bramlage, Dirk Erdmann, Frederik Ueberschär

The user can get out of an unpleasant situation by shooting an annoyed look at the wearable – he spontaneously receives an urgent phone call.

Photo:Angela von BrillPhoto:Angela von Brill


Jasmin Bleeke, Dorena Diekamp, Ronda Ringfort

Unison, combining a wearable device with an app, helps the user to find perfectly colour-coordinated outfits.

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