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EMAF Newsletter 02 March 2017

30 years of EMAF: looking back – Part 3

Thirty years of EMAF – not just a cause for celebration, but also a reason to look back at what the festival has achieved over the past decades. One of the people who were instrumental in establishing the European Media Art Festival is Alfred Rotert, currently responsible for organising the conference and the archives.

To him, the festival’s conferences are a kind of concentration point. ...

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EMAF Newsletter 16 February 2017

30 years of EMAF: looking back – Part 2 and an outlook

A reflection on the medium; visual innovative and aesthetical structures and a focus on cross-social themes are the important criteria and elements which the films presented at EMAF should have, states filmcurator Ralf Sausmikat.

“A good film often lies in the eyes of the beholder,” states Sausmikat who together with his four-strong selection committee chooses the pieces for the program. ...

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EMAF Newsletter 01 February 2017

30 years of EMAF: looking back

The European Media Art Festival turns 30 this year. To prevent the festival team from becoming too absorbed in memories, we would like to share these memories with visitors and friends of EMAF.

Exhibition curator Hermann Nöring gets to go first. He has been with EMAF from the very beginning, and became involved in the Experimental Film Workshop back in 1985, which evolved into the European Media Art Festival in 1988. As such, Hermann Nöring has particularly fond memories of the first festival. Back then, the festival went on for a whole 13 days. ...

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Press release May 24, 2016

European Media Art Festival 2016 – A Review

The 29th European Media Art Festival has now come to a close – our exhibition at Kunsthalle Osnabrück welcomed visitors for the last time on Sunday, 22 May 2016. The five fantastic days of the festival are behind us; a successful exhibition and some 14,500 visitors in all made EMAF 2016 a very special event in Osnabrück.

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Press release April 08, 2016

29th European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck
Exhibition: 20 April - 22 May 2016

THE FUTURE OF VISIONS – Don't expect anything!

The Exhibition

// The EMAF 2016 exhibition at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück showcases visionary elements and the potential future of the visual. The exhibition is open to visitors until 22 May 2016.

Back in the 1990s, there was optimism about the assessment of the digital dissemination of knowledge and the democratic potential of the internet. Today, “sharing communities” and the “Internet of Things” are the latest business hypes.

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Press release 20 February, 2016

29th European Media Art Festival
20 – 24 April 2016

THE FUTURE OF VISIONS – Don't expect anything!

This year’s European  Media Art Festival questions the general importance and impact of strategies for the future in its installations, film programmes, lectures and panels.

Since time immemorial, humans have been philosophising about our future. Authors create utopias and dystopias, scientists discuss the fate of mankind, and entire branches of research devote themselves to its development, predicting demographic data, technical progress and environmental changes almost daily.

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Press release 10 November 2015

on 20th Nov. at KINO ARSENAL, Berlin

We are happy to announce the release of the DVD with the experimental films of Klaus Telscher which is a joined project with arsenal, Institute for Film and Video-art, Filmgalerie 451 and EMAF, Osnabrück. The DVD includes his award-winning short films as well as his last experimental feature “La Reprise”.

On behalf of this release arsenal cinema shows four of his short films in 16mm and “Paramount” by Stephan Sachs, 20th of Nov. at 19:30 in Kino arsenal 2, Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin

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Press release 26 April 2015

European Media Art Festival, 22 - 26 April 2015

The Awards

An entertaining award ceremony marked the end of the 28th European Media Art Festival on Sunday evening, 26 April. About 170 art-works participated in the competition for the offered awards, two jurys awarded four prizes, all together with a prize money of 8500 euros.

An international jury awarded the EMAF Award and the ARTE Creative Newcomer Award and also the Dialogpreis of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This jury was made up of Abina Manning (USA), Olaf Stüber (D) and Peter Zorn (D).

This year, the EMAF Award, given to trend-setting works of media art, went to...

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