European Media Art Festival

September 9


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11.00 CD-ROM (Kunsthalle)
Erkki Huhtamo, Finnland

11.30 Observers (Lagerhalle)
Notes on the Circus
16mm, col., 12:00, USA 1966, by Jonas Mekas

Buried in Light: Eastern Europe in Passing
U-matic, 60:00, USA 1994, by Jem Cohen

13.30 Timebandits (Lagerhalle)
All My Life
16mm, col., 3:00, USA 1966, by Bruce Baillie

50 Feet of String
16mm, col., 52:00, USA 1995, by Leighton Pierce

Straight and Narrow
16mm, b/w, 10:00, USA 1970, Direction: Tony and Beverly Conrad

Standard Time
16mm, col., 8:00, Canada 1967, by Michael Snow

14.00 TechnoSphere (Kunsthalle)

15.30 International Student Forum (Lagerhalle)
Betacam, col., 3:46, Great Britain 1994
Scenario, camera, construction, sound: Simon Timothy Hamilton Oxlee; cut: Jackie Hatfield

Linking Loops
Betacam, col., 3:13, Great Britain 1994
Director: Tracy McConnell-Wood; camera: Scott Ward; cut: Michelle Duisburg

1... 1... 1... 1... - Ein-Blicke
U-matic, col., 13:55, Germany 1995 Director: Kirsten Lieboldt; music: Manuel Poletti

Un-Schärfe im Wirbelsturm
U-matic, col., 5:00, Germany 1994
Realization: Harald Opel; photography: Markus Rodler; modeling: M. Rodler, H. Opel;
music: This Mortal Coil, ``Fyt'', It'll end in tears, 4AD, Beggars Banquet Music, T.M.C. Copyright Control

Goin' West
U-matic high, b/w & col., 10:00, Germany 1994
Director, script, camera, cut: Mathilde Kohl; camera: Henning Kaiser;
music/sound: Tom Waits / Georg Debrue / Go West - Buster Keaton / Elia Kazan ``A streetcar named desire'' / Arthur Penn ``Hongkong man'' / Thin white rope

U-matic, col., 0:52, Great Britain 1994
Realization: Shiona McCubbin

How I Became the Center of the Earth
Betacam, col., 8:00, Great Britain 1995
Director, actor, music/sound: Matt Hulse; camera/cut: Greg Allan

Pracu Nieudana (Nichtgelungene Arbeit)
S-VHS, col., 3:10, Germany 1994
Realization: Sybille Tummescheit

Portrait of an Unknown Woman
Betacam, col., 7:06, Germany 1994
Scenerio, animation, sound, cut: Annette Susan Turner

X, Y, Zen
U-matic, col., 3:50, Great Britain 1994
Realization: Geraldine Kirk

U-matic, col., Germany 1994
Realization: Frank Berendt

U-matic, col., 0:46, Great Britain 1994
Realization: Michelle Butler, Jane Tait

Until We Sleep
Betacam, b/w, 16:20, USA/Germany 1994
Realization: Chris Dodge

Thank You (Duck Video)
Betacam, col., 6:36, Great Britain 1994
Realization: Arran Wesley Crabbe

17.00 Critical Art Ensemble, USA (Kunsthalle)
Performance / Lecture

17.30 Andy Warhol (Lagerhalle)
Kiss / Mario Banana
16mm, b/w, silent, 12 min., USA, 1964

Bike Boy
16mm, col., sound, 96 min., USA

20.00 Half Human Video Show (Lagerhalle)
Matthew Pullum, GB

20.30 Performers (Lagerhalle)
Out of Memory
VHS, 5:07, Slovenia 1994, by Mirko Simic

Long Weekend - XTC
Betacam, 2:36, Germany 1994, by Rotraut Pape

German Song
U-matic, b/w, 5:49, USA 1995, by Sadie Benning

Home Movies
(Studio Bankside / Sebastian Wrap / Every Woman For Herself And All Art)
16mm, b/w & col., 10:00, Great Britain 1970-77, by Derek Jarman

I Like Dreaming
Betacam, col., 6:00, USA 1994, by Charles Lofton

16mm, b/w, 6:00, Netherlands 1968, by Frans Zwartjes

L'heure Autosexuelle
Betacam, col., 5:00, Great Britain/Netherlands, by Michael Curran

16/67 September 20: The Eating, Drinking, Shitting, Pissing Film
16mm, b/w, silent, 7:00, Austria 1967, by Kurt Kren

Love (A1)
16mm, b/w, 12:00, Japan 1962, by Taka Iimura

Sternenschauer - Scattering Stars
16mm, b/w, 1:07, Germany 1994, by Matthias Müller

The Last Time I Saw Ron
U-matic, col. & b/w, 12:00, USA 1994, by Leslie Thornton

22.00 Sons (Lagerhalle)
Take the 5:10 to Dreamland
16mm, b/w, 5:10, USA 1977, by Bruce Conner

16mm, col., 15:00, Germany 1994, by Matthias Müller

The Smell of Burning Ants
16mm, col., 21:00, USA 1994, by Jay Rosenblatt

16mm, b/w, 15:00, USA 1988, by Michael Wallin

VHS, col., 2:00, USA 1995, by Cary Peppermint

Konchu Jikoku Zukan
VHS, col., 12:00, Japan 1994, by Haruka Shione

23.00 EPIZOO (Haus der Jugend)
Marcel. Lí Antúnez Roca, E

23.30 Storytellers (Lagerhalle)
Fischers Fritz
16mm, col., 1:38, Germany, by Anna Grunemann

Cinque Minutes de Cinema Pur
16mm, b/w, silent, 5:00, France 1925-26, by Henri Chomette

Betacam, col., 2:19, Great Britain 1994, by Arran W. Crabbe

Betacam, col., 5:20, Germany 1994, by Sebastian Jochum

A Movie
16mm, b/w, 12:00, USA 1958, by Bruce Conner

Betacam, col., 12:30, Great Britain 1994, by Stephen Kemp

Anemic Cinema
16mm, b/w, silent, 7:00, France 1925-26, by Marcel Duchamp

Men & Gun
8mm, b/w, 7:00, Belgium 1994, by Rob Pas, Willem de Vries

Fork on a Filling
VHS, col., 8:00, USA 1994, by Karl Krogstad

16mm, col., 3:00, Germany 1994, by Deborah Phillips

35mm, col., 8:00, Germany, by Mariola Brillowska, Charles Kissing

24.00 Space Club Experience (Haus der Jugend)
House Dub, Trip Hop

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